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These Brush & Co grooming brushes are some of the best available in our opinion.FeaturesVery soft ´grippy´ rubber handles feel really comfortable Nylon bristles are firm for a good cleaning brush-off 20cm handle length...
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From Germany, our Mahnenburste (Mane-brush) brushes. Composite handle with polypropylene rice root style bristles giving very long life. Very comfortable handle size with good bristle length to clear fingertips. Very fashionable colours. Length 18cm o.a...
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This horse grooming comb is a top quality ‘technical’ comb specially for equine use. Features4 sets of alternating tooth-and-plain bars All metal with black baked enamel finish It can be used as a coat-grooming comb or equally as a grooming brush cleaning tool...
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Quality round-tooth alloy comb with convenient aluminium T-handle. Long teeth for quick combing and good hair separation. Round teeth, quality comb,  9” (15cm) width. Stone Manufacturing, USA...
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Round-tooth comb with wood handle. Classic T shape. Teeth good length for effective combing and cleaning. Sturdy well made combs...
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Poly rope Calf / Colt Halter One piece 9mm rope with 2.1 m lead.   Hand made from heavy duty polypropelene rope.   These halters have no metal parts to cause injury and will stand up to the worse farm conditions.   Colours:   blue red green and black (not white as shown in the picture!)...
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At last, a practical tool for filling hay nets!The legs make for easy handling and flexible placement.Well designed with opening for easy removal of the filled net. Easily assembled..
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Nylon mesh net contains hay whilst allowing animals to remove it through mesh. Useful for penned or confined stock, or for shows, field days, events, etc. Smaller mesh suits younger stock. Size 1: small net, 50cm deep, with 9cm mesh Size 2: med net, 80cm deep, with 9cm mesh Size 3: large net, 90..
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The only horse clipper on the market with 3 clipping speeds, allowing a simple and easy professional look clip even in the toughest conditions. The Heiniger Delta-3 features three clipping speeds for greatest versatility. At lower speeds the clipper runs quieter and smoother, ideal for sensitive a..
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Cow Hoof Trimming The Easy WayWhile the hooves of dairy cows only need to be trimmed once per year, the process can be arduous due to the unaccommodating nature of the animal. Typically, cow hoof trimming entails the use of a 4 ½ angle grinder and a specially designed system which holds the cow’..
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This cutting and grinding disc will fit onto a normal 115mm portable electric grinder, and is particularly useful when horn is very hard as often occurs in dairy situations. Use this flexible disc for less aggressive grinding back of hoof material, and for cleaning affected areas.  Safer to use tha..
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Hoof Grinding and Cutting Disc Permanent 6 P6 For Electric Grinder In cattle breeding situations where over-growth is a problem, the usual remedy is removal of the extra horn growth with hoof trimmers and rasps.  This cutting and grinding disc will fit onto a normal 115mm portable electric g..
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