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Hoofmat Super Dairy Heavy Duty Hoof Mat suits cattle and horses

Hoofmat Super Dairy Heavy Duty Hoof Mat suits cattle and horses
Hoofmat Super Dairy Heavy Duty Hoof Mat suits cattle and horses
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One of the great benefits of changing from a footbath to Hoofmat for lameness treatment and prevention, is the great reduction in highly toxic treatment remedies such as formalin and copper-sulphate entering into drainage systems and the environment.

Hoofmat is now accepted as one of the most appropriate methods of treatment of lameness in cattle.

The Super Dairy Hoofmat is made from extra-heavy duty materials. It holds a larger volume of liquid; 60% extra liquid capacity than the ‘Premium’ or double the capacity of the ‘standard’ Hoofmat .

For most successful treatment place the mat or mats (herringbone dairies will require two) in the entrance to the milking platform. Fill the mats with the remedy of your choice using a bucket or watering-can, then simply top-up as required during milking. By placing the mat at the entrance to the milking area, cows have their feet treated before standing quietly being milked. This is one of the most significant reasons why Hoofmat treatment is so much more effective than usual footbath type treatments. After milking, simply hang Hoofmat over a wood rail and hose off.

The Super Dairy is expected to last for up to one million cow-passes. Size: 1.88m long x 0.97m wide x 4cm thick. Capacity:   50 litres of remedy

FEATURES • Easy and effective method for applying hoof care products regularly • Easy to use • Easy to clean • Dense inner foam holds the liquid

BENEFITS Cows’ hooves get treated every time they walk over the mat, helping to maintain healthy hooves

Mats do not need to be placed in a foot bath as the density of the foam holds liquid for a good period of time

Consider also using a hoofmat for horses.  One customer filled a hoofmat with water and put it where their horse regularly stands waiting for its food.  By spending some time standing on the mat, the horse's hooves became much more hydrated, even in summer and remain in excellent condition with minimal extra attention.

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