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Quality Shepherd Stainless Steel Sheep Dog Whistle

Quality Shepherd Stainless Steel Sheep Dog Whistle
Quality Shepherd Stainless Steel Sheep Dog Whistle
Shepherd's Stainless Steel Dog Whistle
Get more accurate notes than with a cheap plastic whistle. Still very low cost.
These whistles give reliable repeatable sounds that your dog will soon learn to distinguish and respond accordingly.
Free lanyard eyelet. All stainless steel.

Here are some tips on how to use a sheepdog whistle…

1. Hold the whistle by its tab.

2. Place the whistle in the mouth so that the tab/open slot is to the front and the closed end is against NOT ON the tongue. Do not block either of the top or bottom holes. It is the air going through the hole on top and bottom of the whistle and out the slot at the front that creates the noise.

3. Seal the edges of the whistle gently with your lips (but do not block the slot) so the air can only pass through the whistle and out the slot. Your tongue is active in pushing the whistle to the right position so your lips just fall around the edge.  The whistle does not sit flat on the tongue (that would block the bottom hole). Your tongue falls down below the whistle so the air can circulate.  

4. Now breathe from your chest through the whistle. If you're sure the whistle is positioned correctly air can flow through it and out the slot at the front just relax and breathe.

5. Your tongue on the back of the whistle can then vary the direction of the air to change the tone. Begin by getting a single consistent tone. After a little trial and error you will soon master the art - but then practice and you will be able to play music....

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