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This handy clip-on spray pack is ideal for dog walkers, delivery personnel, rangers, joggers, hikers and anyone who might encounter wild, dangerous or unfamiliar animals.
It is a citronella spray which effectively deters dogs from attacking when they are in low to medium level of aggression.
The spray lasts approximately 12 seconds and generally only needs to be deployed for a second or so.
The contents are not harmful to humans or to dogs, but the smell is so unexpected and powerful to dogs that it generally interrupts attacks.  When tested on trained guard dogs it was found to be just as effective as pepper spray without the negative side effects.
The clip allows you to have it close at hand should the need arise and as it is small and compact it does not hinder exercise or movement.
No certification or licences are currently required for this product in any Australian state.
Note that a dog in a highly aroused state of aggression and already intent on attack my not be deterred by this product, however this is fortunately a very rare event and our local dog rangers use this product with confidence.
Note that as this product is an aerosol it can only travel by road so we cannot offer an express service.  Delivery to Tasmania and offshore islands is not possible due to cartage prohibition.

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