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Restraints, Tie-Outs

Model: 202058
Traditional galvanised dog chain with loop-and-toggle attachment system - proven over 80 years. The new idea these chains do have is a swivel thing in the middle, to stop any tangles. Galvanised snap hook. Handy chain to attach on anything up to 8cm diameter. ´Tested´ is tested breakage point.Small 1.9m x 2.6mm  Tested 150kgMedium  2.3m x 3.2mm Tested 300kgLarge  2..
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Model: 206839
Use for pets, goats, sheep, calves, or any small animal you want to secure. This heavy duty tie out anchor incorporates a spiral of heavy 8mm rod with swivel lead connection. Easily screwed in and out of most ground conditions.43cm long...
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Model: 211200
Current animal welfare rules require any dog  riding on the back of a ute or other vehicle to  be securely and safely restrained.This tether is made from heavy duty galvanised 3.5mm induction-welded chain with clips at each end.  40cm length. ..
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Model: 210664
Sometimes you might want to have your animals outdoors in a space where there is no fence and you aren’t able to supervise them the entire time. In these instances, the use of a tie out cable might be appropriate.  With this system, you can attach the cable to a tie out anchor at the middle of a circle which will have a diameter the length of the cable you use.We recommend that you use it..
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Model: A7023
Secure your dog to your ute or wagon A snap hook at each end with a solid metal slide adjuster (note that hook may differ to that shown in the photo) The metal adjuster can adjust the length, but can also be turned into a dog lead or tie the dog up..
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Model: 202169
Current animal welfare rules require any dog riding on the back of a ute or other vehicle to be securely and safely restrained.This tether features double swivel clips for dog  comfort ease of use and safety. Length 64cm. ..
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Model: a2182
A heavy gauge 5mm tie out chain 2 snaphooks Suitable for calves and large dogs Available in 3 metre length and 5mm width: these are tough and heavy chains!  ..
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Model: 210667
Current animal welfare rules require any dog  riding on the back of a ute or other vehicle to  be securely and safely restrained.The univesal dog tether has 2 clips joining to a central ring.  One end can be secured around almost anything under 50cm round and the other 30cm lead attaches to the dog...
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Model: 201134
This cage basket, also known as a crush cage or squeeze box, is useful for tightly restraining a cat or other small animal whilst a veterinary procedure is carried out; eg injection, remedies, etc.The top opens so you can put the animal in easily, then the squeeze bars are pushed in to restrain it firmly against the other side of the cage.Easy release when the procedure is completed.Qu..
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