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Ovinet Electric Sheep / Goat / Horse / Calf Netting 50m x 90cm

Ovinet Electric Sheep / Goat / Horse / Calf Netting 50m x 90cm
Ovinet Electric Sheep / Goat / Horse / Calf Netting 50m x 90cm
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Ovinet Electric Sheep / Goat / Horse / Chicken Netting


This top selling netting specially designed for use with sheep and goats is completely flexible.  It uses non-electrified vertical nylon strands which are welded at every crossing to the electrified horizontal strands. Current is through three stainless wires in each strand except for the bottom strand which is not electrified. Vertical strands are 17cm apart for good integrity of the fence. Each 50m fence includes 14 dual-prong step-in plastic posts. Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs using the combined loom at each end.
If you are using for poultry it is only suitable for larger birds due to the size of the mesh and the poultry netting will probably be more suitable for smaller birds.

It needs to be connected to an electric fence energiser at all times to be effective.  Energisers are available for purchase separately.

Available in 2 heights:

Medium = 90cm and Large = 108cm.

50 metres long

As the live wires of the netting are very close to the ground they are susceptible to "leakage".  This is where undergrowth completes the loop and draws power from the fence and into the ground.  We recommend a minimum of 3.500V on the fence to help overcome this problem.  The higher the joule rating on the energiser, the greater the amount of leakage the system can cope with and still remain effective.  The bottom wire is not live but all the other horizontal wires are.  The key is keeping the live wires free of any external contacts.  This can be difficult on undulating ground as your bottom line is effectively covering a shorter linear distance than the top lines and this can cause the net to sag.  You may need to add extra posts to achieve extra tension.  

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