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Debudder Electric Cordless Buddex

Debudder Electric Cordless Buddex
Debudder Electric Cordless Buddex
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Buddex will do 12-15 calves per charge. Press the cold Buddex onto the horn bud.
No need even to clip the hair. Pressing down on the horn starts the power. The ceramic NiCr wire element heats instantly to its 700 degree celsius operating temperature. At about 6 seconds the timer
buzzer will sound to remove the Buddex. Total elapsed time about 20 seconds to debud a calf. If run for its full 12-15 calves ability, the Buddex will take about 15 hours (overnight) to recharge.
If you wish to do larger numbers in a short time, we suggest you do 10 in the morning, recharge during the day, 10 in the afternoon and recharge fully overnight.
Buddex is supplied complete with 240v recharger and 12v lighter plug recharger, and full instructions for use. Parts available.

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