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Easy Wean Calf Goat Sheep Weaner

Easy Wean Calf Goat Sheep Weaner Farming Supplies
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The Easy Wean calf weaner is a plastic nose piece with plastic spikes on it which is attached to the young animal at weaning time.  The design incorporates 12 points 6 forward and 6 outward for more effective weaning.

It works 2 ways: first the calf finds it difficult to access the teats with a nose ring in the way and second, the cow is made uncomfortable by the calf’s attempt to feed which causes her to move away, causing a suppression of lactation. It is far less stressful for both mother and calf and leads to improved growth rates which usually suffer due to separation and emotional stress. The mother experiences discomfort but not injury from the spikes.

The weaner is made of high quality plastic that will not crack. The bolt head is held securely and a lock washer is incorporated to ensure accurate tightening and frustration-free removal from nose.

The weaner is reusable.  Width 115mm. depth 75mm (including spines).  Australian designed and developed.

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