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Lambing and Kidding

Prolapse bearings, adoption harnesses, aids for planning lambing and kidding seasons
Model: A9033
Lammacs are polythene jackets which provide protection against the elements for a newly born lamb and help prevent hypothermia which is the major cause of lamb mortality in temperate regions. Hypothermia suppresses the suckling instinct of the lamb and any protection against this can help reduce lamb losses. Extreme winter temperatures together with wind and rain can spell disaster for the she..
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Model: 219702
The Adlam Versatile Lambing Harness is a multi purpose harness that provides great support for mothering ewes and does. It provides prevention against prolapse, provides additional support to help keep ewes and does upright after birthing and assists with mothering-on particularly for maiden does and ewes. Quick and easy fitting Cross-over tubing design for greater comfort ..
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Model: 220707
This harness is a simple and effective mothering-on aid, particulary useful for maiden ewes and does who may make it difficult for their newborns to feed.  Also useful if you need to bond a newborn with a surrogate mother. The harness features heavy duty straps which allow the ewe or doe to be fastened to a rail or fence in a secure way to prevent kicking or butting, and also stops the animal fro..
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Model: 214756
A bearing is a mass of flesh protruding from the vulva of a pregnant ewe. Bearing retainers of this type, for use in cases of vaginal prolapse in ewes, have been around for many years. This support is used to help prevent prolapse before or after lambing. Once inserted into the vagina it can be tied to the fleece to retain. Or use a piece of old baling twine, to secure in place wit..
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Model: 204213
  The Roslam reviver is Ideal for feeding small lambs or kids, direct to the stomach via the soft tube (42cm in length). The tube remains soft in cold weather and therefore does not cause damage to sensitive tissue in young lambs throats or stomach. Large 30ml graduations marked on the bottle. Open ended bottle capacity 120ml. A highly recommended item for each sheep or goat farme..
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Model: 217377
Protect new-born lambs. Reduce deaths, improve growth rate. One size fits all. Pull over head and pop legs through. Bright colour to locate easily. ..
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Model: A9017
A handy tool to assist lambing. Snare can be placed over head or leg, then pull firm and gently pull the lamb / kid out. Be careful to pull in a downwards motion not upwards which can injure the mother and / or baby. Lambing aid is low maintenance and sturdy, being made out of plastic and nylon. Length 37cm..
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Model: 214413
Strong plastic-backed waterproof fabric bands with self-adhesive tab. Can be written on with a waterproof marking pen to give reliable identification especially for patients of vet clinics, or clients of boarding facilities, etc. Also useful for tagging new-born lambs, kids, puppies, etc. Bands are 50cm long x 16mm wide, and can be cut to required length...
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Model: 214754
A bearing is a mass of flesh protruding from the vulva of a pregnant ewe. Bearing retainers of this type, for use in cases of vaginal prolapse in ewes, have been around for many years. Usually they feature tie strings or tape for securing the retainer to the wool of the ewe. This can be a tedious process. The protainer overcomes this and features locking clips at each end which are clip..
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Model: 205943
  For administering emergency colostrum or  electrolytes direct into the stomach  using a 60ml  syringe and a 35cm x 16Fg PVC stomach tube.  Tube is specially made with side delivery ports to ensure safe flow into the stomach. Use with care...
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Model: 209879
Specially made stainless steel pins for closure of vulva after vaginal prolapse replacement. This method can be quicker and easier than usual suture methods. Thoroughly wash and disinfect the vulva area and the pin before use. Pin is 7.5cm with 4cm clear shank. Consult a veterinarian for advice...
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Model: 207631
Big, sharp, double-curved suture needles ideal for use with our umbilical or vaginal tapes. Needle eye is 6mm long x 1.4mm wide. Needles are 13cm (5´) long. Supplied in 12-pack only.  ..
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