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Wool and Bail Marking

Stencils and paint for marking wool bails
Model: 207239
Specially formulated ink from Steadfast for use on synthetic wool packs. Fast drying for stencils use.  ..
Ex Gst:$45.41
Model: 207244
The Steadfast ink pad and roller are a lower-cost alternative to cartridge-type wool bale markers. Closing metal case with a foam pad inside. Add ink to the foam as required. The ink pad is a 20cm x 12cm. The roller is 75mm wide with a replaceable foam outer...
Ex Gst:$54.50
Model: 207251
Big fat marker pen ideal for marking wool bales, but many other uses will be found. Tip size is a big 8mm x 10mm. Pen is 150mm long x 25mm diameter...
Ex Gst:$23.59
Model: 207253
Wool bale marker stencilmate replacement cartridge only...
Ex Gst:$13.59
Model: 207262
All-plastic stencils ideal for wool bale use, but also for general purposes. Digits 75mm high. 0-9 disc is 37cm diameter.Also available in A-Z version (2 discs)..
Ex Gst:$45.41
Model: 207263
These all-plastic stencils are designed for marking wool bales, but can also be used for general stencilling purposes. Digits 75mm high. The A-Z discs are 45cm diameter...
Ex Gst:$117.27
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