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Blitz Kerner Captive Bolt

Blitz Kerner Captive Bolt
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A sad part of farming is that animals can get sick or sustain injuries from which there is no recovery.  For many farmers it is not viable or practical to call on a vet to euthanase the animal and this is where the captive bolt device comes into play.

A captive bolt device is used for safe and humane destruction of animals - from small pigs and calves to boars and bulls. A captive retracting bolt is fired into the head instead of a bullet.

The correct point for entry of the bolt is between and slightly above the eyes. 

Different strength cartridges are used for different sized animals. 
Instructions for use are included with the device. No gun licence is required.

It is imperative that the correct charge is used for the animal being destroyed. The shot is discharged by pressure on the trigger mechanism.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Quick and humane when used correctly
  • No gun licence required
  • Different cartridges available for various size animals
  • Made in Germany

Further information:

Activators (available in packs of 50):

small pigs calves sheep goats -  green    

store pigs light cows - yellow 

large pigs heavy cows - blue 

large boars bulls - red

Activators purchased separately by selecting the colour option you require.

A cleaning and service kit can also be purchased separately here

Important Notice:

Serious penalties apply for dealing with animals inhumanely. If in doubt about use of this device, discuss with your veterinarian. Death should be finally ascertained by checking there is no heartbeat, no breathing and no blink reflex. Be aware that for heavy bulls and horses, this is a stunning device only. Use must be followed by pithing to assure death. (If in doubt consult your veterinarian.)

Note that as the bolt and activators are classed as weapons / dangerous goods these items can only travel by road and not air and so express air shipping is not available for these goods. 
Please provide us with a delivery address and business name if relevant where someone will definitely be present during standard business hours 8.30 - 5 to sign for the device as a signature must be collected on delivery.  
Note that a special courier service is required for dangerous goods and they cannot deliver at a designated time or provide a precise delivery day and time in advance.  
You may be liable for redelivery fees should delivery be attempted with noone there to sign.
Delivery is via a courier company that has no affiliation with Australia Post so please do not request that the item be left at the Post Office.

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