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Black Rechargeable Cattle Prodder with Optional Shaft

These reliable prodders are supplied with 240 V rechargeable battery.

The charger plugs into an external plug on the handle unit.

The NiMH battery is resistant to memory and overcharging and should last 500 cycles.

A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete.  

A full charge from flat will take 8 - 10 hours.

An optional 12V charger can also be purchased.

The unit can cope 
with short term immersion in water.

Features on/off master switch to prevent accidental misuse and to eliminate any residual shock.

Handle unit is lightweight and the shaft is polycarbonate and features an o-ring seal to ensure contacts stay dry.  

It measures 260mm x 88mm x 70mm.

This prodder is suitable for use by truckies,drovers
and abattoir workers.

For optimum battery life, run fully flat occasionally and try not to continually overcharge.

If you wish to purchase a shaft, select the length of shaft from the option (the price is the price for the complete unit including the handle and shaft)

If no shaft is purchased you will receive the handle only.

Output 6900V

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