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Model: 204690
Leather calf collar is black colour oil treated with high quality heavy duty roller buckles. Sewn and riveted.Extra holes to allow for growth. Length 75cm x 30mm wide...
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Model: XPRBH-C
These reliable prodders are supplied with 240 V rechargeable battery.The charger plugs into an external plug on the handle unit.The NiMH battery is resistant to memory and overcharging and should last 500 cycles.A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete.  A full charge from flat will take 8 - 10 hours.An optional 12V charger can also be pur..
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Model: 12049
Black sunflower is higher in oil than grey stripe sunflower, so is more suited to poultry, wild birds or birds that have more room to fly around. Can also be fed to horses and ruminants. Seed comes in a variety of different size packs. The seed may also be sown but as it is not specifically bred for planting, it will not have a high germination rate...
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Model: 201078
A sad part of farming is that animals can get sick or sustain injuries from which there is no recovery.  For many farmers it is not viable or practical to call on a vet to euthanase the animal and this is where the captive bolt device comes into play.A captive bolt device is used for safe and humane destruction of animals - from small pigs and calves to boars and bulls. A captive retracting b..
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Model: 204100
Every cattle farmer needs a decent bloat knife. This one is made for the job. Just make sure it  always hangs on the same handy nail to grab in that  emergency.10cm blade. 23cm over-all. Special  quality sheath of heavy-duty leather riveted around  blade for safety and also with elastic safety loop for  handle.Choose the knife or sheath only or select the 2 together to save...
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Model: 40009D
The Blue Medium Grit Disc is a 2″ diameter flat steel disc coated with a heat infused tungsten carbide CG grit. The disc is designed to remove hoof material through abrasion. The blue disc is best suited for the hooves of most average size goats, sheep and pigs that are maintained on a frequent basis. All of our abrasive discs are designed to eliminate heat buildup on the hoof. If material build..
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Model: 217474
This is a top-of-the-range boot cleaner. Easy-to operate tap is connected to regular water supply. Water is fed into the brushes. A sanitiser or detergent feed line is incorporated into the upper assembly. This can be used to draw from a bottle placed behind the cleaner. When the tap is turned on venturi action draws additive into the wash water, helping to cleanse or disinfect the boots. The addi..
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Model: 221427
Bovi-Bond urethane adhesive, from USA, is a proven system for attaching blocks to the healthy claw of lame cows’ hooves. Bovi-Bond does not need any special skill to mix and apply. The secret is in the double-barrel 160ml adhesive cartridge and the special dispensing gun. This system ensures that the two parts of the adhesive mixture are kept separate until they merge in the mixing tip. After trea..
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Model: 200871
Dispenser for Bovi-Bond 180ml adhesive.Fast, easy application. Simply dispense to the block and position against hoof. No mixing required. No waste produced. Can be stored cold or warm. One year shelf life.Designed to be used with the bovi-bond adhesive sold separately...
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Model: 200869
Bovi-Bond hoof care product for cattle is a fast-setting urethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hooves.Strong and quick-bonding. Sets in 30 seconds, weight bearing in 2-3 minutes. No fumes or odours, safe application in enclosed areas.Fast, easy application. Simply dispense to the block and position against hoof. No mixing required. No waste produced. Can be stored ..
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Model: 204895
Dry granulated lubricant saves lots of freight and handling. This 350gm pack will make up 30 litres of ready-to-use gel. For best mixing results add warm water to the powder a little at a time (rather than adding powder to water). For ideal consistency add 1 litre of water to 12gm of gel (one heaped desert spoon full is about 12gm). The container has a sprinkler top for making quick approximate m..
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Model: 218002
The single burner branding furnace is our most popular single burner furnace with a 30cm opening.  It has a traditional design, but with some improvements for ease of use. The one-piece snap-in legs are firm and stable, and the one-piece handle-frame and brands-rest snaps into place. The all-steel furnace body is lined with a special cement-based ‘fire-brick’ product to retain and reflect maximu..
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