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Castration Rings For Lambs, Kids And Calves x 20. FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

Castration Rings For Lambs, Kids And Calves x 20

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These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually  monitored and tested.

Consistency and reliability  are guaranteed by the manufacturers.

We offer small packets if you are just ringing a few animals at a time or larger packets for better economy!

Packets of 20,  50 & 100

See our range of ring applicators.   Rings are also available in other quantities: if you don't see it here ask!


Lamb castration: pull the scrotum through the  opened ring then with thumb and forefinger  manoeuvre both testes into the scrotum and  release the Elastrator ring.

Check again that  both testes are secured by the ring. Testes and  scrotum will atrophy and detach naturally.

Calf castration:   same procedure as for lambs  but can be done with calf standing. Procedure  must be done before four weeks age.

Lamb tailing: apply the Elastrator ring within  6-7cm from the base of the tail. Release the ring  at a joint of the tail bones. The tails should drop  off within four weeks. Color may vary.


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