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Crown Round Converter Auto-Fill Poultry Drinker: multi size convertible!

Crown Round Converter Auto-Fill Poultry Drinker: multi size convertible!

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The Crown Converter Auto-fill drinker is the perfect solution to watering chicks of various ages with the one device.

It can start out with a low roof and the legs folded under with an anti-drown ring which reduces the depth of the water, making it more difficult for the the chicks to drown. 

As the chicks get older, the drown ring can be removed, the extendable legs can be folded out to raise the drinker off the ground and the body of the tank can be extended to lift the height of the roof. 

Another very handy feature is that there is a clip on top of the roof to secure the delivery hose out of the way.

This makes the unit a very versatile drinker. 

The trough has a 24cm diameter.  Comes with 1.5metres of delivery pipe with a float assembly and pipe connector.

Instructions for connecting pipe:

With this connector you open the clamp wide by loosening  the 2 screws.

The hose or pipe to be used will need a hole punctured through to line up with the hole in the base of the clamp.

Feed the pipe or hose through, lining up the holes, and then tighten the clamp.

There is a push-through switch on the base of the clamp – takes a little force to push one way or the other. To one extreme it is open allowing water flow, at the other extreme it is closed.

Finally attach the delivery line onto the connector.

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