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Durack Ram Calf Sheep Cuff: Easy Animal Immobiliser

Durack Ram Calf Sheep Cuff: Easy Animal Immobiliser

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Originally  developed as a sheep cuff by Australian breeder Peter Durak the calf cuff is useful to restrain a calf or sheep where you want it.

It is a simple device to quickly and conveniently immobilse an animal.

The two front legs and one back leg are slipped into the cuff which is then snapped closed.  

Very useful when an animal needs checking or treatment to ensure it stays where you want it to.  

High quality alloy and stainless steel product.

The medium size is 14cm and will fit larger lambs (10 weeks plus), hoggets and ewes.

The large size is 17cm and will fit rams, large crossbreeds and calves.


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