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Ewe Bearing Retainer Protainer 4 pack FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

Ewe Bearing Retainer Protainer 4 pack  FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

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A bearing is a mass of flesh protruding from the vulva of a pregnant ewe.

Bearing retainers of this type, for use in cases of vaginal prolapse in ewes, have been around for many years.

Usually they feature tie strings or tape for securing the retainer to the wool of the ewe. This can be a tedious process.

The protainer overcomes this and features locking clips at each end which are clipped onto the wool. The Protainer is applied in seconds, is 100% secure, and is easily removed and re-used.  Comes in a packet of 4.

The risk of bearings can be overcome by ensuring a good, but not overabundant, supply of grazing pasture.  Keep at-risk ewes off hilly ground close to lambing time and encourage gentle every day exercise.


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