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Feeding and Watering

Feeding and Watering
This drencher uses a well proven design of rigid drench probe. This makes a very useful flow-adjustable stomach feeder. Comes in a 2.5 litre and 4 litre version. Note, the probe is not designed as a carry handle for the full bottle attached.  If the probe is broken this way the warranty is ..
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Features a 2.5 litre capacity and ergonomically designed so that the bottle will fit well in your hand while feeding The Supreme Calf Feeder and Supreme Calf Teat (with valve) has been designed to perform a suckling action resulting in a controlled feed and aiding digestion Designed so the bot..
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2.5 Litre Capacity Ergonomically designed so that they fit well in your hand while feeding The flow feeder has the advantage of being able to control the flow of liquid, with 3 speed settings. This can be an advantage if you have a weak calf as it may drown if the liquid flows too quickly W..
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Supreme Feeders are made to the highest standards Robust construction and features an ergonomically designed handle The bottle will empty when the lamb is feeding and can be stood up on a flat surface Includes a Supreme Lamb Teat This feeder is best for lambs and kids as they get stronger as teat is..
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Our supreme lamb teats will not leak from the tip and will only flow once the lamb is feeding Made from stronger and higher quality rubber than other teats Suitable for all feeders with a 22mm opening..
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These feeders feature a new anti-waste design that reduces waste by eliminating scratching and reduces debris in the feed The design features a moulded one piece body that is self supporting with no central or cross bars Available in two capacities of approximately 8.5kg and 15.5kg of pellet fee..
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The Excal Topper is the most versatile lamb and kid  feeding device available.  The nice solid  cap incorporates a ball valve to allow inlet of air.  The Topper will fit all standard 28mm o.d. thread  plastic, Coke and soft drink bottles. The Excal Topper is  a long-lasting teat that will r..
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WSD TROUGH BLOXS contains 63g/Kg copper in a slowly soluble block for use in stock water troughs.IndicationsTo control algal growth in plastic and concrete troughs.Milking sheep, dairy cattle & dairy goats: Suitable for use in the water supplies of animals producing milk for human consumption.Dosa..
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Developed for cleaning algae and dirt build-up in water troughs. Also useful for cleaning out feed troughs. Use the round broom at an angle for narrow troughs. These are very heavy-duty brooms with double row of strong bristles. Galvanised mounting tube to suit 1 wood handle (not supplied). Round..
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Wall mount salt / mineral block holder small size
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Feeder for small salt or mineral block Raised ribs and drainage holes keep blocks dry Contoured mounting plate with holes to allow for permanent mounting (hardware not included) Tough, impact resistant, high-density polyethylene Holds one small 1kg salt block or 1 litre equivalent of dry mat..
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This device can be filled with plain or flavoured water. Outflow to the feeding bowl is controlled by a float. Birds can then access the water through the bowl openings. Other animals can not access the water at all. Contamination is unlikely. Capacity 10-litres. Dimensions: 29cm..
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Impact is a colostrum supplement to aid the immune function of newborn mammals and marsupial joeys. Key Features Contains colostrum powder, a rich source of immunoglobulin which may assist with immunity. Added lactoferrin & lactoperoxidase which may provide antibacterial activity and inte..
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