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Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrimol 1 litre

Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrimol 1 litre
Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrimol 1 litre
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FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY Natural Nutritional Health Tonic Acidity rating Min 4.5% For All Livestock Helps boost the natural immune system- powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Helps with digestion and body pH balance- acid/alkaline ratio Non Pasteurised: Unfiltered: Naturally Fermented, Preserving all the Goodness Nothing artificial and 100% Australian Nutrimol Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) made from hand picked apples from Australian orchards is a great natural source of acetic acid and potassium along with enzymes, vitamins and minerals to help improve the health of all livestock.

Directions for use: Shake before use: Cattle: 50mL as a drench diluted 1/1 with water or 15mL/head/day added to water or feed. Calves: 3mL daily added to water or feed. Alpaca / Sheep: Use as a drench, 25mL diluted 1/1 with water. Molasses can be added to increase palatability or 5mL/head/day added to water or feed. Dogs: Add 5mL to water or feed daily. Horses: 90mL as a drench diluted 1/1 with water or 30mL/head/day added to feed or water. Pigs: 5mL/head/day added to water or feed. Poultry: 2 to 3mL/Litre of drinking water. Note – Rates are based on an average sized animal. Where a significantly larger or smaller is to be treated, administer on a pro-rata basis. Introduce Nutrimol Apple Cider Vinegar gradually with small amounts to accustom them to the taste. Apply by: Add to drinking water Add to feed Oral Drench (diluted 1/1 with water) Spray onto coats of animals (diluted 1part ACV to 4 parts water or 250mL ACV to 1L water)

Typical Analysis: Potassium 1336 mg/L Sodium 22mg/L Phosphorus 94mg/L Nitrogen 120mg/L Magnesium 41mg/L Calcium 28mg/L

For even better results, use Nutrimol Apple Cider Vinegar in conjunction with Nutrimol Nutritional Supplement containing Seaweed extract, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and molasses for added palatability. They can both be safely mixed together in the water trough or over feed.

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