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Model: Poultry Water Nipples x 3
  Transform any bucket into a poultry drinker!  If you have ducks and are sick and tired of them fowling your water, this product is for you!! The ideal poultry and bird nipple for both broiler and layer systems. For the free-roaming type homesteads, no more mess when the ducks want to swim in the water bowls!Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry. ..
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Model: A8138
The water nipple style that allows you to side mount the nipple to create your own drinker with any container or bucket A new product that is perfect for hobby farmers The horizontal nipple only releases water when activated and this results in better hygiene and less cleaning required that traditional cup drinkers Unlike traditional drinker nipples, these horizontal nipples are spring loade..
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Model: 214791
This high quality float assembly has a substantial and robust design with a large-volume float and positive shut off action.This valve is rated to 100+ psi.  The seal can be replaced.Float level is easily adjusted and set.  Fits Farmhand water bowls (217613 and 217614)  ..
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Model: 208920
Combination stainless and brass water nipples with hexagon nut. Heavy duty for providing water to fatteners.  Drinking water is released when the animal bittes on it allowing for minimal water wastage. Filter and flow rate adjuster incorporated. Available in 20mm (3/4")..
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Troughomatic Water Filler Automatic Trough Filler for Animals Livestock Troughomatic Water Filler Automatic Trough Filler for Animals Livestock
Model: 207149
The Troughomatic water filler clips over any handy  bowl container or trough. The unique feature of this  model is that it takes a standard water tap quick-fit hose coupling (Nylex etc). This makes it ideal  for garden and small block use where short-term  connection may be most convenient. Water fills  up in the container to shut off the float valve. Two  water leve..
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Model: 219391
These poultry waterer nipples turn any bucket or a poly water pipe into a poultry water device.Easy to manage.Keeps the water clean.Each nipple should accommodate up to 4 birds for minimal competition.Nipples should be mounted vertically.Drill a 9mm hole in the bucket bottom or in the underside of the poly pipe and simply screw straight in creating own thread. Recommended for ..
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Model: 212232
An extremely strong water or food bowl for attachment to any cage wall with the wing-nut-operated clamp that works vertically or horizontally. The bowl is then removed as required for cleaning or filling, by a simple quarter-turn. Suitable for any pets, poultry or small animals. Bowl 12cm diameter. Capacity 550ml.  ..
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Model: 211787
The Crown Auto-fill flip-top trough uses the standard Crown float valve and pipe connector system to make a versatile drinker with lots of bird space. Length 68cm o.a...
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Model: 207147
RELN Water Filler This is automatic water trough filler is a covered water valve which can be hung over the  side of a variety of water containers from plastic bowls through to old milk vats. The Reln all-plastic water filler is corrosion proof and reliable. The  float is livestock proof. Two water level settings  by adjusting brackets depth...
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Model: 212241
Poultry Drinker Crown Dual Trough Auto - 212241 - Drinkers Waterers for Poultry Birds Rabbits..
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Model: 205832
Very strong bowl suitable for water or other feed or liquid. Wall mount. Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 16cm deep o.a...
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Model: 207136
This bowl is pressed out of one piece of stainless steel plate, then the stainless drop-pipe is welded in and the stainless nipple attached. Very simple and reliable and a very good price. Nipple incorporates flow adjustment and filter. (15mm) fitting. Bowl size is 9cm x 7cm...
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Model: 218140
The nipple bucket is suspended using the cord and lock device supplied. The nipples are then easily operated by various-size chicks or poultry, at the required height. The stainless steel nipples are good quality and function with light pressure. Stainless steel handle. The bucket is UV-safe. Made in Europe. Dimensions: 32cm diameter x 39cm high...
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Model: 207148
This Monoflo automatic stainless steel water trough filler is a covered water valve which can be hung over the  side of a variety of water containers from plastic  bowls through to old milk vats.Livestock proof sturdy stainless steel body and brackets opening up to 52mm.  Plastic water valve components.Maximum pressure 70 p.s.i for 375 gall..
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Model: 207105
This plastic bowl is mostly suited to smaller animals in less heavy-duty situations. The float cover is bolted down. Plastic is ideal for reducing injury to animals. Bowl is strong but can be damaged by large animals such as horses. Drain incorporated. Inlet left or right side. BSP (15mm) fitting. Dimensions: 26cm L x 25cm W x 13cm D. Capacity 3 litres.Water pressure to 90 psi..
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Model: 207154
Your calves will have no trouble at all working out how to get a drink from this new waste-free water nipple.Just pipe directly into your calf pens. Ideally use a 45 degree mounting bracket facing downwards and mount at an appropriate height for your calves to drink comfortably (probably about 70cm for young calves).Ensure the spring-plate is at the top. Biting action of the calf op..
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Model: 217614
Stainless steel manufacture, with hinged lid assembly. A feature of this bowl is the sloping to the front bottom, which brings any debris forward for easy cleaning. A post-mount backstrap is supplied. Plastic float assembly. No drain incorporated. Inlet 15mm left or right side. Dimensions: 26cmL x 26cmW x 11cmD. Capacity 2.5 litres.Water pressure to 100+ psi  ..
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Model: 209119
 Well known brand manufactured in USA from heavy gauge draw-quality steel, galvanised for long life. Swing up lid for easy cleaning. Bowl slopes to front to enhance water capacity and ease cleaning. No drain incorporated. Water level adjustable. Inlet 15mm left or right side. Dimensions: 26cm L x 27cm W x 12cm D. Capacity 2.5 litres..
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Model: 205848
Fresh water always for your horses with this nose-operated water bowl. Easy-touch water operation your horse will learn in minutes. Big plastic bowl with galvanised steel mounting reinforcement. Brass water nipple with 15mm (½”) water connection. Bowl is 24cm x 28cm wide x 9cm deep...
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Model: 207120
Big enough for sows. Small enough for weaners. Easy to clean. Simple to operate. Cheap as can be. Simple push-button operation is trouble free and leaves the bowl clear for easy removal of straw or dirt. Integral flow control in valve. Cast iron bowl with brass valve. Bowl opening 12cm x 15cm...
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Model: 205012
Controls bloat the efficient, economical way   With a PETA Dispenser you can control bloat easily through dispensing bloat control material in the drinking trough. Simply place in the trough and the job is done.       Say ‘Goodbye’ to the drudgery of drenching!     Dispenses bloat control material in drinking trough water.     The correc..
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Model: 205014
One of the most important principles when treating animals through drinking water is that water should always be treated on a per-animal-per-day basis, and not a per-litre basis.The reason for this is that daily water intakes can vary dramatically. For example, the daily water intakes of cows can vary from 10 litres to as much as 70 litres per cow, depending on the temperature of the day, the ..
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Model: 215519
The multi-purpose dispenser can be used for liquids or dissolved salts and solids. That means it can be used for bloat, eczema, or mineral supplements, etc.With a PETA Dispenser you can dispense mineral supplements easily in the drinking trough. Simply place in the trough and the job is done.The simplest way to dispense magnesium, trace elements and salts. Treat grass staggers or trac..
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