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Peta Dispenser Multi-purpose 24-hr

Peta Dispenser Multi-purpose 24-hr
Peta Dispenser Multi-purpose 24-hr
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One of the most important principles when treating animals through drinking water is that water should always be treated on a per-animal-per-day basis, and not a per-litre basis.

The reason for this is that daily water intakes can vary dramatically. For example, the daily water intakes of cows can vary from 10 litres to as much as 70 litres per cow, depending on the temperature of the day, the dry-matter content of the feed, and other factors.

A water treatment system must compensate for these large fluctuations. Treating water on a per-litre basis would mean over-dosing on high intake days and under-dosing on low intake days.  Instead, with the clever engineering of the patented PETA Dispensers, the right amount of dosage per animal is dispensed each day, regardless of fluctuations in water intake.

The multi-purpose Peta dispenser can be used for liquids or dissolved salts and solids. That is, it can be used as a 24-hour bloat dispenser, and also as a zinc (non-facial-eczema mineral supplements) and other elements dispenser.  The simplest way to dispense magnesium, trace elements and salts.

The dispenser includes dosage recommendations for treating cattle, but the dispenser can equally be used for other livestock with dose rates derived from consultation with a vet or farm adviser.

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