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Salt Lick Block 1kg on Rope Himalayan Rock Salt

Salt Lick Block 1kg on Rope Himalayan Rock Salt
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Free choice; they “lick it as they need it”
Natural electrolytes for Balance
Chemical Free, no sweeteners
Encourages Water Intake
Durable and Rain Tolerant
Easy to hang, easy to handle

As farmers, we work with livestock every day so we understand the importance of good nutrition to enhance productivity and performance.

We also know that our animals miss out on vital minerals and trace elements because our Australian soils are lacking in them. Just foraging on ground cover is not enough for livestock to take in the essential micronutrients they need for health and well being.

As a natural preventative supplement, Minrosa Salt Licks are an excellent source of vital minerals and trace elements. They are extremely beneficial in keeping livestock healthy and productive, and have been proven to reduce ailments and conditions that commonly occur during seasonal food and reproduction changes throughout the year. Our salt licks allow your animal the free choice to "lick it as they need it", while encouraging water intake

Minrosa Himalayan Salt Lick is the no-mess, no-measure alternative to provide your livestock with the highest quality, free choice salt to supplement their feed and forage.

Containing 84 minerals and trace elements — the highest of any Salt Lick in Australia — these 100% all natural sea mineral Salt Licks are refined from ancient, unpolluted sea water deposits

  • A superior choice to common salt, which contains only sodium and chloride

  •  A gentler alternative to man-made salt blocks

  • Natural crystalline mineral salts for improved digestion, absorption and metabolism


Chloride 59%

Sodium 38%

Calcium .05%

Magnesium .05%

Sulphate 0.54%

Iron <5.0 ppm

Lead <0.2 ppm

Copper <0.2 ppm


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