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Lamb Feeder M1 Rail-hang

Lamb Feeder M1 Rail-hang
Lamb Feeder M1 Rail-hang
This single-place lamb feeder hangs over standard fence railings.
It is also being used in a novel way. Use with cold milk as an ad-lib feeder.
The cold milk limits over-feeding, and also keeps longer. In fact, to assist, drop an Esky cold pack, or a small frozen bottle of water in the milk.
Remember to cover the feeder with something to keep flies out.
The black Excal ´Regular´ teat is not recommended for new-borns, but it will last longer with stronger animals feeding ad-lib. Capacity 5 litres.
Stainless steel lid also available separately here.

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  • Model: 212233
  • Dimensions: 35.00cm x 25.00cm x 15.00cm