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Solar Powered Energisers

Solar energisers are ideal for areas with good sun and suit applications where no mains power is available.
The small to medium size units have built in battteries whilst the larger solar systems are designed to be attached to an external 12V battery which needs to be purchased separately.  Deep cycle type batteries are recommended.

Solar panel sizes may vary due to geographical locations. Larger panels may be required in some areas.

Energiser distances are a guide only. Factors such as proximity of live wire(s) to earth or to other parts of a fence, distance of live wire run underground, thickness of wire and earth condition will affect the effective distance. Thunderbird recommend a minimum distance of 200mm between the live wire(s) and any other conductor, otherwise effective energiser distance is reduced.

NOTE EXPRESS SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEMThe complete electric netting kit: perfect for hobby farms to contain goats, sheep, poddy calves, alpacas, etc and keep out wild dogs and foxes. Netting has 10 horizontal wires, height 108 cm.  Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires, bottom wire is not electrified, nets can be joined together, UV stabilised plastic...
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