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Grooming and Show

Grooming and Show
Everything you need to get your animal looking beautiful for the next show!
Check out our range of grooming brushes and combs, shampoo and conditioner, animal clippers and trimmers, halters and leads and show sticks.
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Bell for Cow, Horse or Donkey

Classic cow bell sound from a low-cost bell. Sound can be heard from a long distance. The best co..

$34.50 Ex Tax: $31.36

Blow Dryer Laube Magnum 901

This is a purpose-built livestock grooming machine. All steel construction. Heavy duty ball-beari..

$850.00 Ex Tax: $772.73

Clipper Andis AGR Cordless

The Andis model AGR cordless is a powerful rechargeable clipper suitable for heavy-duty use. It will..

$795.00 Ex Tax: $722.73

Clipper Blade Oil Oster 15ml

Full instructions for use included. Best used after Blade Wash. Contents 0.5 fluid ounces.  ..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $8.64

Clipper Blade Sharpening Kit Compound

Designed specifically for the sharpening of electric clipper blades. Sharpening compound and full i..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

Clipper Laube 505 Cordless kit

The 505 kit is the most popular Laube clipper, sold worldwide. It features the super-powerful 12v 2..

$1,399.00 Ex Tax: $1,271.82

Comfort Fit Adjustable Halter Nylon

This halter is guaranteed the most ”horse friendly“ in the equine market Specially woven in a uniqu..

$64.50 Ex Tax: $58.64

Dung Scoop and Rake Aluminium

Very lightweight alloy scoop and rake. Use at shows, field days, events, etc. Scoop dimensions 30cm..

$66.50 Ex Tax: $60.45

Grooming Kit for horses / calves

Kit of handy items for grooming supplied in a zipclose plastic pack. Standard kit (red) i..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $21.77

Hand Shears Burgon and Ball Dressing Right Handed

Made in England – Burgon & Ball Shears are the finest shears and have been for generations All blad..

$47.50 Ex Tax: $43.18

Hand Shears Kamer 24cm

Very nifty little shears, ideal for use on small animals, or trimming cows tails, etc. Single bow. S..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $22.73

Tail Trimmer Heiniger Ultimate3 Complete with Back Pouch

The basic purpose of tail trimming is to reduce fecal and urine contamination of the milker and to r..

$1,550.00 Ex Tax: $1,409.09

Tail Trimmer Heiniger Ultimate3 Complete with Belt Pouch

As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows, Heiniger have combined their powerful 12v shearin..

$1,550.00 Ex Tax: $1,409.09

Wahl Arco Clipper Cordless Kit

The Arco clipper is manufactured in Germany by a subsidiary of the well known Wahl company. It is s..

$259.00 Ex Tax: $235.45

If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Deluxe Stovetop canner is ..
Ex Tax: $225.00
This package contains our favourite amber jars and bottles and is ideal also for fermenting!  The ja..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package contains our favourite blue jars and bottles and is ready for summer!  The jars and bot..
Ex Tax: $150.00
If you are keen to start preserving, this is a great place to start.  The Presto pressure canner can..
Ex Tax: $250.00
This package includes 4 cases of regular mouth jars in 4 useful sizes, plus plastic storage lids as ..
Ex Tax: $150.00
This package includes 4 cases of wide mouth jars in 3 useful sizes, plus replacement lids when you w..
Ex Tax: $170.00
These tiny stainless steel measuring spoons are great for when required to measure out tiny amounts ..
Ex Tax: $8.14
PetFlex is a flexible, cohesive bandage with quick and easy application. PetFlex is a cohesive band..
Ex Tax: $5.41
These fun, eye-catching bandages feature all the performance of PetFlex but with silver glitter to a..
Ex Tax: $7.23
Genia Strap Band Cohesive Bandage Bitter Taste is an elastic cohesive bandage with a bittering agent..
Ex Tax: $4.50
These coloured  lids are an attractive single piece lid. Use on regular mouth jars.They can be ..
Ex Tax: $0.59
Introducing a single piece high heat lid to use with all wide mouth Ball Mason, Kerr and Bormioli Ro..
Ex Tax: $0.91
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contai..
Ex Tax: $2.27
Ball Wide Mouth Bands for preserving fit all wide mouth (86mm) glass preserving jars. Seal in the fr..
Ex Tax: $0.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Pint  Jars and Lids Case of 12 BPA Free LidsBall Wide Mouth Pint (437ml) G..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Wide Mouth Lids Ball Mason - Box of 12  BPA free Ball Wide Mouth Lids  for preserving fit all wi..
Ex Tax: $3.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars and Lids Case of 12  BPA free lidBall Wide Mouth Quart (950ml) ..
Ex Tax: $34.50
Regular Mouth Lids Ball Mason (Without Bands - Box of 12) BPA FreeBall Regular Mouth Lids for pr..
Ex Tax: $2.68
Ball Mason 4oz / 120ml Quilted Jam Jars and BPA Free Lids x 12Ball Regular Mouth Quilted 4oz  (1..
Ex Tax: $17.73
This pouch is past its BEST BEFORE Date, however this has minimal impact on the final product.A ..
$34.95 $27.50
Ex Tax: $25.00
Item is past its BEST BEFORE DATE however this has minimal impact on the end productPear replace..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
Item is past its BEST BEFORE date however this has minimal impact on the end product.Pear repl..
$34.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
NOTE: Product is on special because the culture is past its BEST BEFORE date (August 2018).  This do..
$44.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
The kids and the children at heart will love these teddy bear jars which feature a 280ml jar on a co..
$9.85 $3.45
Ex Tax: $3.14
Brand new 240ml round  jars with no shoulders in a 105 pack.  These jars are the perfect size for a ..
$99.95 $74.95
Ex Tax: $68.14
The Bormioli Rocco Fido range of jars features jars with a glass swing lid that closes down on a rub..
$5.00 $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.50
Kraft Brown Wraparound Labels L7145, 180/pack, 190X16mmCreate a homemade and natural look with t..
$24.95 $11.00
Ex Tax: $10.00
Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit! And com..
$49.95 $24.95
Ex Tax: $22.68
Milk Billy Can 20  or 40 litre with Sealable lidCowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel ..
Ex Tax: $226.36
Compact pocket-size lower-powered prodder ideal for dairy use.  Press button for shock delivery.  ..
Ex Tax: $51.82
Horse Sense provides an in-depth guide to horse care under conditions unique to Australia and New Ze..
Ex Tax: $62.68
Goat Webbing Halter Good quality halter made from double layers of 16mm webbing. This size is la..
Ex Tax: $37.23
Muzzle made specially for Australian sheep dogs such as  Kelpie and Border Collie etc. Allows go..
Ex Tax: $33.18