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Classic cow bell sound from a low-cost bell. Sound can be heard from a long distance.The best cow bell currently on the market can be used as a horse bell or a donkey bell.11cm wide with maximum collar width of 45mm.   ..
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This is a purpose-built livestock grooming machine. All steel construction.Heavy duty ball-bearing variable-speed 2hp 240v motor. Suitable for operation in verticle or horozontal position. Air volume on low speed is 35cfm and 100cfm on high speed. Nozzle air speed is 10,000fpm (180kph) on low an..
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A well made nylon webbing halter complete with chin strap with ring which are very secure. Halters are made from double 20mm wide nylon webbing. Available in 3 colours (black, blue, red)  ..
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The basic purpose of tail trimming is to reduce fecal and urine contamination of the milker and to reduce dirt around the rear quarters and udder of the cow. As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows or crutching and dagging sheep, Heiniger have combined their powerful 12v shearing handpiec..
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As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows as well as crutching and dagging sheep, Heiniger have combined their powerful 12v shearing handpiece with a rechargeable and portable 12v battery pack. The dry-cell battery is carried in either a back pouch or a belt pouch (this is the belt pouch ve..
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The 505 kit is the most popular Laube clipper, sold worldwide. It features the super-powerful 12v 2-speed 2000/4000 rpm Super Battery Pack, for up to 3 hours clipping on standard speed, or 1 hour on high speed. The Laube 240v Quick Charger (included) gives a new full charge in only one hour!Als..
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The Ruby from Lifestyle is an A5 (snap-on) style cordless small animal clipper powered by a 30W motor.Operating at 2,500 strokes per minute the Ruby is suited for most clipping jobs.Supplied with two 2Ah batteries and desktop charger, you will have ample run time (50 minutes per battery) a..
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This halter is guaranteed the most ”horse friendly“ in the equine market Specially woven in a unique soft webbing, heavy duty nylon yields a soft and flexible feel instead of a stiff and abrasive one Add to that the cross stitching at all stress points and cleanly drilled holes using a step proces..
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Very lightweight alloy scoop and rake. Use at shows, field days, events, etc. Scoop dimensions 30cm wide x 17cm high x 32cm long. Rake is 42cm long with galvanised steel blade 17cm wide...
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This smartly designed box combines a handy covered tool and kit box with a 35cm-high stepping stool.  FeaturesThe strong stool has a good big footprint to ensure stability Especially useful for grooming your horse, or your truck  The stool slips over the tools carrier, with the handl..
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These Brush & Co grooming brushes are some of the best available in our opinion.FeaturesVery soft ´grippy´ rubber handles feel really comfortable Nylon bristles are firm for a good cleaning brush-off 20cm handle length...
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Grooming Kit for horses / calves
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 Kit of handy items for grooming supplied in a zipclose plastic pack. Standard kit (red) includes  soft sponge block, Magic Block, soft brush, hard brush, hoof pick, plastic mane-and tail comb.     ..
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