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Animal Clippers, Trimmers and Accessories

Animal Clippers, Trimmers and Accessories
Browse our range of animal clippers and accessories which are suited for many different types of animals.
Keeping dog’s nails clippped is important. Dogs don't walk correctly when the nails are too long and this strains the leg muscles and torques the spine.These small nail clippers are very light to handle and feature moulded soft-grip rubber handles for  an accurate and easy grip. Length 13.5cm...
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This Burgon & Ball tool is designed specifically to sharpen hand shears. (It will also sharpen garden shears and scissors exceptionally well.) Pocket size, ready for quick use on the job. Long life silicon carbide stone. Sharpens 45° or 60°. Use the sharpener to touch up your blades, each time you ..
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CoolSpray is an all-in-one lubricating, cooling and cleaning spray for all clipping and shearing blades. Most deterioration and loss of edge on clipper blades is caused firstly by heat build-up. Keeping blades cool keeps them sharp longer. CoolSpray also lubricates and disinfects your clipping and..
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CleanSpray effectively cleans clippers by removing hair, fur and dirt residue from between the upper and lower blades to improve shearing results. Can also be used to clean clipper blades before first use to remove the manufacturer's protective chemicals...
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Use for cooling, cleaning, lubricating and disinfection of all types of clipper blades. A top quality aerosol spray at a good price.Contents 400ml...
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Heiniger non-toxic blade oil is for use on all Heiniger clipping and shearing machines. It reduces friction, lets blades run cooler, reduces clipping time and enhances blade life. ..
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The high quality curved cutting edges on these ensure nail is cut, rather than crushed. Quality stainless steel blades. Easy action thumb lock. Standard version is from Italy. 17cm long. ..
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Very nifty little shears, ideal for use on small animals, or trimming cows tails, etc. Single bow. Slightly curved profile. Length 24cm o.a. Blades 9cm...
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Clipper Arco Cordless Blade adjustable detachable blade set.Fits Wahl ARCO, Bravura, Chromado and Super Groom..
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Made in England – Burgon & Ball Shears are the finest shears and have been for generations All blades are hardened and tempered to ensure the blade retains its edge and maximum performance achieved Patented double hollow grinding – the secret behind their unique sharpness Only Burgon & Ball roll ..
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Heiniger Saphir Clipper heads are compatible with clippers from Andis, Moser, Oster and Wahl.A5 interchangeable blade sets for the Saphir clipper.#50 0.4mmVET Cat707-905#40 0.6mmVET Cat707-910..
Ex Tax:$63.59
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