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Animal Clippers, Trimmers and Accessories

Perfect for clipping those tricky places! Very quiet and low vibration Operating time up to 100 mins Charges within 60 mins Adjustable 46mm blade head 4 Cutting lengths: 0-5 - 2.5mm 5 Comb attachments: 4, 8, 12, 16 & 20mm Ergonomic shape and u..
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Specifically designed to clip & style around sensitive areas Lightweight, cordless and very quiet Operating time up to 80 mins Charges within 60 mins Removable 30mm blade head Cut length 0.3mm Adjustable comb attachment: 3 - 6mm Ergonomic shap..
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The basic purpose of tail trimming is to reduce fecal and urine contamination of the milker and to reduce dirt around the rear quarters and udder of the cow. As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows or crutching and dagging sheep, Heiniger have combined their powerful 12v shearing handpiec..
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As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows as well as crutching and dagging sheep, Heiniger have combined their powerful 12v shearing handpiece with a rechargeable and portable 12v battery pack. The dry-cell battery is carried in either a back pouch or a belt pouch (this is the belt pouch ve..
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Xperience smooth and powerful clipping! All NEW ergonomically shaped slim grip, soft feel barrel Lightweight at 1240grams with solid durable fibreglass reinforced case Very powerful 240v / 200 watt motor - extremely silent at 70dB More cutting power to the blades com..
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The 505 kit is the most popular Laube clipper, sold worldwide. It features the super-powerful 12v 2-speed 2000/4000 rpm Super Battery Pack, for up to 3 hours clipping on standard speed, or 1 hour on high speed. The Laube 240v Quick Charger (included) gives a new full charge in only one hour!Als..
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The 2-speed 12v Super Battery Pack is quick-change with no tools required. It will recharge in one hour and will give three hours clipping on standard speed or one hour on high speed. Get a spare battery for non-stop clipping...
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The Ruby from Lifestyle is an A5 (snap-on) style cordless small animal clipper powered by a 30W motor.Operating at 2,500 strokes per minute the Ruby is suited for most clipping jobs.Supplied with two 2Ah batteries and desktop charger, you will have ample run time (50 minutes per battery) a..
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CoolSpray is an all-in-one lubricating, cooling and cleaning spray for all clipping and shearing blades. Most deterioration and loss of edge on clipper blades is caused firstly by heat build-up. Keeping blades cool keeps them sharp longer. CoolSpray also lubricates and disinfects your clipping and..
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Use for cooling, cleaning, lubricating and disinfection of all types of clipper blades. A top quality aerosol spray at a good price.Contents 400ml...
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The Wahl KM-2 is a lightweight, quiet and cool-running 2-speed 240volt electric clipper. Ideal for light animal grooming. The KM-2 will take all Oster, Andis and Wahl A5-style blades. Supplied complete with size 40 blade.  ..
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The high quality curved cutting edges on these ensure nail is cut, rather than crushed. Quality stainless steel blades. Easy action thumb lock. Quality version is from Germany. 17cm long.  This version is suggested for vets and professionals...
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