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Model: 203257
Simple plastic grooming brushes used everywhere. Model 1 has an adjustable firm plastic strap and features a palm-heel protector which assists when brushing. Model 2 features a more comfortable elastic strap...
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Model: 203256
The plastic mit grooming brush makes for quick convenient grooming without having to keep ´hanging on´ to the brush. It is soft moulded plastic with 20mm long bristles one side, and 5mm long massaging points on the other...
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Model: 203260
Soft rubber grooming brush. Comfortable to use. Curry-comb type toothed rings...
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Model: 220118
This rubber glove fits neatly on your hand. The rubber studs both sides allow you to use easy fluid movements all over the animal without having to grip like a regular brush. Use wet or dry for grooming, wash or massage. Used last thing, this brush can bring out natural oils for a sheen finish...
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Model: 213717
These Brush & Co grooming brushes are some of the best available in our opinion.FeaturesVery soft ´grippy´ rubber handles feel really comfortable Nylon bristles are firm for a good cleaning brush-off 20cm handle length...
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Model: 213719
“Brush & Co” oval brushes have softer nylon bristles, ideal for a fine finish and have an elastic handgrip for firmer hold.Very soft grippy rubber handle feels really comfortable.Dimension is handle length...
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Model: 203255
Nicely made oval brushes with hard wood back.   Available in 3 different bristle types.Soft bristles offer a fine smooth finish.Nylon bristles are in between the soft and hard bristles.Hard  bristles are of brass wire and are suited to hard rubbing down to remove loose hair.These are nice quality brushes...
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Model: 203252
From Germany, our Mahnenburste (Mane-brush) brushes. Composite handle with polypropylene rice root style bristles giving very long life. Very comfortable handle size with good bristle length to clear fingertips. Very fashionable colours. Length 18cm o.a...
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Model: 207750
This horse grooming comb is a top quality ‘technical’ comb specially for equine use. Features4 sets of alternating tooth-and-plain bars All metal with black baked enamel finish It can be used as a coat-grooming comb or equally as a grooming brush cleaning tool...
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Model: 203270
These circular spiral combs are reversible, offering a choice of tooth pattern. The teeth on one side are smoothly rounded for thin coated animals, while on the other side are the sharp fitch-type teeth for thick or shedding coats. Two combs for the price of one! Popular world wide. Dimension is comb diameter...
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Model: 203293
Doc Brannen´s grooming sprays ´Black Magic´ and ´Clear Magic´ are used to paint over bad spots. They tame unruly hair, but are not colouring agents. Can be combed while damp or immediately after setting, especially for top-line hold in dairy stock etc. 10oz. (295ml) of magic...
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Model: 203295
Doc Brannen´s Tail and Head Adhesive is used where maximum hold is required, such as on tails and heads! Hair can be sprayed, and then formed by hand to the desired appearance, and the excess hair trimmed off. Can also be used to glue in hair as required to cover weak or bald spots. Big 14.5oz. (430ml) can...
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Model: 203299
Kit of handy items for grooming supplied in a zipclose plastic pack.Standard kit (red) includes  soft sponge block, Magic Block, soft brush, hard brush, hoof pick, plastic mane-and tail comb. Premium kit (blue) includes  soft sponge block, Magic Block, soft brush, hard brush, rubber grooming brush, hoof pick with brush, alloy mane-and tail comb.  ..
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Model: 203276
Quality round-tooth alloy comb with convenient wooden T handle. Long teeth for quick combing and good hair separation.  Round teeth, quality comb, 6” (10cm) and 9” (15cm) width. Stone Manufacturing, USA...
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Model: 203275
Quality round-tooth alloy comb with convenient aluminium T-handle. Long teeth for quick combing and good hair separation. Aluminium handle for a longer life, especially when left in a bucket of water! Round teeth, quality comb, 6” (10cm) and 9” (15cm) width. Stone Manufacturing, USA...
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Model: 203288
Purple oil is purple. It is used to give your animal a beautiful sheen. Apply with a hand sprayer or rag. After application, rub the hair down with a rag soaked in Purple Oil, and allow 12-24 hours for it to work into the skin. Then shampoo. Repeat for a few days for top results. Later, if touch-ups are needed, use some Final Mist. Two US quarts (2 litres). NB: Will lose colour if stored in sun..
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Model: 213084
The Arco clipper is manufactured in Germany by a subsidiary of the well known Wahl company. It is supplied complete with blade, two batteries and four combs - 3 6, 9 and 12mm and desk-top recharger. When fully charged the battery provides approx 45 minutes clipping time and requires 45 minutes to recharge. The cutting height can be adjusted by movement of a lever under the cutting head. A very ..
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Model: 209877
This is a purpose-built livestock grooming machine. All steel construction.Heavy duty ball-bearing variable-speed 2hp 240v motor. Suitable for operation in verticle or horozontal position. Air volume on low speed is 35cfm and 100cfm on high speed. Nozzle air speed is 10,000fpm (180kph) on low and 30,000fpm (550kph) on high.Warm air delivery.Supplied complete with 6 feet of cr..
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