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Easy Bloc Shoe only

Easy Bloc Shoe only
Easy Bloc Shoe only
Easy Bloc Shoe only
Easy Bloc Shoe only
Easy Bloc Shoe only

The greatest advantage of Easy Bloc is the very flexible side wall, which allows a good fit to a wide variety of hoof sizes and shapes and also enables easy removal. Next is the longer and better positioned sole for greater stability, and the slightly extended toe cavity enabling a better fit on overgrown hooves. Easy Bloc is supplied as a complete kit, with four or 12 shoes and the two-part liquid and powder glue components required to attach them. Procedure for use is as follows:
1. The affected claw is examined and treated as required to ensure a fast recovery.
2. The non-affected claw is cleaned and trimmed to a natural shape, compatible with the Easy Bloc.
3. Set the Easy Bloc into the specially designed holder in the package lid, where the glue components are easily added and mixed.
4. Remove Easy Bloc from holder and apply to the healthy claw. Leave in place two to three minutes.
5. Release the cow. Easy Bloc should be removed after 3-4 weeks, if it has not shed naturally.
Easy Bloc powder and liquid are also available separately in 12-pack quantities.

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