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Horse Shoof Shoe for a Hoof

Horse Shoof Shoe for a Hoof
Horse Shoof Shoe for a Hoof
“Shoof” is a shoe-for-a-hoof. This product is used both to protect a hoof from injury, and to assist in the recovery of a hoof after treatment.
Horse Shoof is a low-cost, highly reliable treatment for a wide range of hoof problems, including: seedy toe, stone bruising, excessive wear, splits, cracks, footrot, penetration, abscesses etc. The open design of the Shoof allows the hoof to “breathe”, which is essential for fast recovery.
SizeEng Race HandsUSA shoe plateHoof width up toSize
212 -142 - 4130mm  5 1/8"0 - 2
315 - 163 - 5140mm 5 3/4"3 - 5
4over 166 - 7160mm 6 1/4"6 - 7

Horse Shoof is supplied as a kit including copper-sulphate (bluestone) medication and a special bandage. These items have been especially developed to ensure successful treatment, even under extremely unfavourable conditions. (eg wet, and dirty paddocks or yards.) Horse Shoof can be re-used many times with our Shoof Refill-Kit components.

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