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Eco Friendly Products

Products to help reduce the amount of chemicals needed or made from recycled materials.  We recommend diatomaceous earth as a eco friendly way to control many insect pests, such as ants and weavils, and also as a topical rub on animals against lice and fleas.  
Brand: D-Line Model: 4666
Ecozone's all in one formula gives you brilliant results every time!No need to unwrap, just place 1 tablet in the dispenser tray and run your normal cycle. The high-performance formula cuts through grease and grime to leave your glasses sparkling and dishes shiny even on short cyclesThe fast dissolving soluble wrapper releases powerful plant-based ingredients to erase difficult baked on st..
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Brand: Imported Model: Stove Fan
Features: The Mini Stove fan is specially designed for distributing the heat from a wood burner/stove/fireplace.  The fan is silent but very effectively distributes heat throughout the room while the fire is burning.  It requires no electricity or other inputs, operating purely on heat from the fire.Introduction: 1. The fan base and blade are made from anodized aluminum wh..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: STP
Splosht Septic Tank is a super concentrated version of Splosht, containing 50 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per gramContains a unique blend of specific sludge and odour reducing bacteriaIn Splosht's testing, the product reduced sludge levels by 52% in 3 months, and by 84% in 12 months.Each STP will clean 5000L for 3 months.  Reduce the pumping out of your septic tank and reduce o..
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