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Hessian or sacking cloth is natural and biodegradable.
It has a wide variety of uses, including:

  • For protecting root balls during transplanting
  • As a mulch or screen
  • It is also very popular as table runners for weddings and large events.

Sold by the metre, it comes in 2 grades, 14oz and 18oz. The 18oz hessian is a denser weave.  The 14oz weave is less regular and more rustic looking.

The material is 1.8 metres wide.


  • Tough durable fabric
  • Made of natural materials and completely biodegradable
  • Smaller lengths save cutting and having to buy more than you need

Please note that we will supply a single length of whichever size you choose, eg. if you order 2 meters, we will supply a single length of 2 meters; order  10 meters we will supply a single length 10 meters long, etc.

The hessian comes on bolts of 50 meters long: 1 bolt = 50 meters.

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