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Refill only for the Sticky Roll Mini-kit. The refill is a full 24m roll of sticky tape...
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Now this one is a real gem! Just like the old-days of fly catchers. Pull the tab on one of the rolls, and out comes a plastic-topped thumb tack, and 65cm of 4cm wide very sticky ribbon. Pull gently to prevent tearing. Tack the end up and let the tape hang free. Dump when populated or getting dry...
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A safe combination of food materials which contain no poisons or harmful chemicals • Economical and easy to use • Place the bait in the fly trap and add water to activate (Note: bait will some take time to work) • Fly bait is expected to last at least two weeks (depending on conditions) • Check ..
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An attachment to create a fly trap from an existing P.E.T water bottle (i.e. 600ml Coke bottle)  Hang several traps 3-10 metres from home to greatly reduce indoor flies Hang traps in sunny areas, away from strong winds or drafts The traps will generally attract flies from a distance of 10-..
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 Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use.  We recommend use with the stainless s-hook.These are ideal accessories for the Fast-lock pulley system for home-kill.  The gambrel is from 10mm rod and 30cm wide...
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 Homemade bread and delicious grain mashes for your livestock can become a reality with this fantastic piece of lifestyle equipment!  With your own grain mill you can source whole grains as you desire for your own mix, or mill home-grown grain into flour.Grain must be milled for the ani..
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The Guarany knapsack firefighter is designed for comfortable use even for extended periods. It is generally used with plain water, but can be used for other foams and retardants with the air-aspirating nozzle supplied. The plastic tank features a handy carry handle, and vertical recess to store th..
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Handy accessory to the Guarany Knapsack Sprayer. The two nozzles can be rotated to suit frontwards or sideways spraying. Especially useful for giving a wide, even coverage of spray on turf, or for spraying two rows of crop at once...
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The Guarany compression (or ´pump-up´) sprayer is ideal for home, small block or farm use. Made with the same famous Guarany quality and reliability, it performs well with all insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other agricultural solvents, lubricants and chemicals. It has lots of uses includ..
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This Burgon & Ball tool is designed specifically to sharpen hand shears. (It will also sharpen garden shears and scissors exceptionally well.) Pocket size, ready for quick use on the job. Long life silicon carbide stone. Sharpens 45° or 60°. Use the sharpener to touch up your blades, each time you ..
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The Hansen Standard Male Adaptor allows you to convert the Hansen valve inlet to a size that matches your trough or tank. Compatible with all Hansen Superflo, Maxflo, Fastflo and Leveller Valves...
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Hansen Full-Flow* ball valves can be used anywhere the flow of fluid needs to be quickly and directly stopped and started. All valves have BSPT threads. *Hansen Full-Flow valves do not restrict pipe flow when fully open. Blue Handle is for general use...
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