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Float used on the brass arm of Hansen Fastflo and Superflo Valves and top of Level Alert or other valves with brass arm or cord...
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Mini compact design suited to confined spaces for automatic filling & maintaining water levels in small feeder bowls, troughs & header tanks Cost effective trough/tank valve - 29 PSI - 9 l/min Ability to attach a diffuser hose to reduce water turbulence & noise in top entry installations & Anti-..
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The Fast Flo trough valve is ideally suited to tight-fitting environments.Supplied with one through-trough flange fitting, short float arm and 70cm float cord (with nuts). Recommended use of 115mm ball float (not supplied).Length 30cm overall, fitted, including attached ball. (Float cord is ..
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This accessory for the Hansen Foot Valve is a Filter Sock designed to help filter and stop particles entering the Valve.In addition to its filtering properties, it has also proven successful in international applications by helping prevent the build up of silt and debris...
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The Max Flo trough valve gives a much greater flow rate than Super Flo valves, and is also much more capable of dealing with sediments.It is supplied complete as pictured, with 2 adaptors, adjustable float arm, optional extention for float arm, 60cm of cord and a 100mm ball float..
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Float used on the brass arm of Hansen Superflo Valves or other valves with brass arm or cord. Also used on top arm of Hansen Leveller Valve...
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This brass-body valve is supplied complete with 2 through-trough fittings, short brass float arm...
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This plastic-body valve is supplied with 2 through-trough fittings, short brass float arm...
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See your tank water level at a glance: no more sticks with notches!The Hansen Level Alert is used to indicate the water level in concrete, poly and stainless steel tanks.  It is supplied as a complete set including 3 x 67cm lengths of 16mm stainless steel tube, stainless steel fastening..
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Brand: Imported
Protect your pump with the Hansen Tank Leveller Valve.Adding the leveller valve to your system means the tank only refills when it gets low.By eliminating on/off cycling of your pump, it means your pump works less, requires less maintenance and provides a more reliable system.  The Hansen Ta..
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Every farm needs some sturdy buckets that can take a fair bit of wear and tear.  The Fjord buckets are big and strong with a large volume pouring spout: useful for mixing chemical sprays, carrying and pouring calf milk, watering seedlings, to name just a few of their many uses.There is also a fi..
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Fine luxury bathroom soap with wonderful ´champagne´ lather. Made in New Zealand with only the finest natural ingredients, including honey, lanolin, sunflower oil, oatmeal, goats´ milk and natural scenting oils. Available in 4-packs only. 100g bars. These are for the home...
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