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The Fast-lock is a very handy tool whether used as a calf puller or as a handy lifting device for home kills. There will be many uses around home and farm for this versatile unit.

Three pulley blocks give quadruple pulling and lifting power. There is also a simple lever-operated lock and release mechanism to prevent it going backwards when you don't want it to.

The FastLock pulley system uses 7.2m of 10mm diameter polyrope
.   It is recommended for lifting up to 200kg.

Although this 3-pulley system is useful for many pulling or lifting jobs one of its most popular uses is as a calf puller.

Attach the single block to an anchor point not more than two metres from the calf then using calving chains or ropes on the calf’s legs connect the double-pulley block to the calf.

The rope lock and release mechanism on the double block is
then easily and conveniently operated at the same time as checking the birth is progressing correctly.

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