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Splosht Water Trough Pack Natural Water Cleaner

Splosht Water Trough Pack Natural Water Cleaner
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The Splosht Water Trough Pack cleans water troughs from 100L up to 1,000L for 3 months.  Splosht cleans your livestock water troughs and keeps them clean naturally.

As Splosht is natural it is fine for animals and livestock to drink, it reduces sludge and keeps the water cleaner and healthier so your animals are healthier too. 

  • Splosht is a unique blend of good water bacteria which cleans water naturally.
  • ​Safe for all aquatic life, including fish, turtles and fish
  • Safe for water plants
  • Safe for pets and livestock to drink
  • Water dissolvable sachets designed for specific applications so no measuring needed
  • All Splosht Packs clean water for 3 months. 


When you first start it will take Splosht 4 weeks to grow and get established.  Splosht is a natural mix of healthy bacteria that will break down algae, phosphates and sludge in water tanks, troughs, water features and dams.  At 4 weeks you will see results with the water becoming clean. You then simply keep dropping a Splosht sachet in the water every 2 weeks to then keep it clean and fresh.

All Splosht Packs have enough water dissolvable sachets to last you for 3 months.


How it works:

Splosht is a natural flocculent binding rubbish and sediment together dropping it to the floor naturally.

Splosht eats away all organic waste and sludge at the bottom of your pond.

Splosht grows and reduces nitrates, phosphates and ammonia levels which cause green water and smell.

Splosht creates a natural balance in the water leaving crystal clear water naturally.

Once established, there is no need for time consuming cleaning and sweeping of water troughs.



Do not add Splosht to water containing chlorine or copper.  When refilling troughs or water features, use rainwater and not mains water (unless it is pretreated to remove the chlorine).

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