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Kick Stop Quality Cattle

Kick Stop Quality Cattle

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Kick Stop Quality Cattle 

Kick Stops are devices primarily to prevent kicking during milking but can also be useful during some veterinary procedures.  The device is hooked under the flank just in front of the back leg and the top end then is hooked over the backbone.  This seems to have some psychological as well as physical effect in stopping kicking.

For those who find a standard Kick Stop device frustrating - hard to change size going rusty etc. we now have the ultimate version. All stainless steel with nice to operate Quick Release System® buttons for length adjustment even when the device is under load.   No more trying to push in the little dimple pins with your thumb nail.   This is a quality tool which should last your lifetime. There is a red cap for the longer back-bone hook and a blue cap for the bottom-end flank hook. Maximum opening 75cm.

Optional Spares Kit includes one of each red and blue caps plus two of the special QRS springs.

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