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Lamb / kid Woolover Coats

Lamb / kid Woolover Coats

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Lamb / kid Woolover Coats
Developed by New Zealand sheep farmer Mr David  Brown in the early 1990s Woolover all-wool lamb  covers have saved hundreds of thousands of lambs around the world. Woolovers are now manufactured  in Australia.
For management reasons lambing is  most often carried out at a time of the year subject to  adverse conditions putting survival of many lambs  at risk. There is no doubt that fitting a Woolover cover as soon as possible after birth can turn losses  into profits. Lamb mortality can be dramatically  reduced. Not only are survival rates increased but  trials have proven lambs in Woolover covers gain 2/3 of a kg more weight in their first three weeks  compared to uncovered lambs. The reduced feed  demand on the ewe ensures she does better too. 
Woolover covers should be applied to all lambs  under 4 days old when a storm is imminent. Covers  can reduce losses from 60% or more to almost  none within this group. It is recommended that  covers are left in place for up to 3 weeks (remove at  docking time) to get maximum benefit but if there  is substantial improvement in the weather covers  can be removed and re-used for greatest economy. 
Woolover covers can be applied in about 30 seconds.   The tail end is rolled forward and the lamb's front  legs and then head are inserted through the front  holes (just like putting on a jersey). The tail end is  then unrolled and the rear legs pulled through the  holes. Care should then be taken to pull the cover up all the legs so it is snug against the lamb's body.   Survival is then assured in even very bad weather  conditions. Woolover covers can be washed and re-used if removed after 3-4 days. Covers should not  be left on lambs for longer than 3 weeks except for  exceptionally small lambs.
The coats can also be used for goat kids: for larger animals the leg holes may need to be cut larger and many breeders cut off the back leg section so that the mothers can still smell the back of their kids. It also helps to rinse the cover first in water to try and remove some of the "lamb" smell and even rub the coat against the doe's coat before putting on the kid.
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