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New Model Ozi Milker! Milk Sheep /Goats/ The Easy Way New Single Wide Mouth Quart Jar Super Heavy Duty Pump and METAL LID!

New Model Ozi Milker! Milk Sheep /Goats/ The Easy Way New Single Wide Mouth Quart Jar Super Heavy Duty Pump and METAL LID!

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Now with new USA made pump!

The Ozi Milker was developed especially for Australian conditions.  

Although it was originally constructed for milking colostrum from goats, it quickly gained popularity Australia wide for use with sheep, horses and small cattle.  

The Ozi Mi Milker is ideal for collecting colostrum either for immediate use or for freezing in the bottle for later use. (Extra bottles are available.)  

The Ozi Milker is supplied as a kit complete with vacuum pump, milk collection hoses, seals, shut off valve, and a 1000ml / 32oz collection bottle.  Milking is surprisingly fast and efficient.  Constant pumping is not required, only initially to create a vacuum and periodically thereafter to maintain the milk flow.  

The Ozi Milker is also a useful and practical device for lifestyle or hobby farmers wishing to collect small amounts of milk for specialty cheeses or other uses. Whilst it can be used for taking colostrum from cows, we do not recommend using it for regular milking of cows.

Full instructions for use can be downloaded. The milker should be cleaned with warm detergent water after each use.

Extra milk collection bottles are available.  Spare bottles are very useful for storage of colostrum for later use.

The milker lids fit any regular mouth jar.

Instructions Available (Word File) Here


"I brought the new hand milker single unit mainly for the lid which has the new stainless attachments and these are really good.  I had the old plastic red lid which I nursed along after it broke initially and we had to glue to keep it going.  The hand milker is a really great product especially if you have sore hands and don't want to hurt the animal that you are milking or aggravate any hand discomfort.  The service was good from OZ Farmer they come highly recommended."

Jas - Paparoa New Zealand


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