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Insect Control

Producs to help control insects including herbicides, organic products such as diatomaceous earth and physical insect repellents.
Brand: Diatomaceous Model: absorbacide 12.5kg
This is a natural product registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use against insect pests of stored grain and registered as an allowable input for organic farmers by the BFA.  It is currently the only diatomaceous earth available in Australia which has undergone the stringent APVMA testing criteria.  Australia has very strict rules regarding the sale of pr..
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Brand: Diatomaceous Model: DE fines
Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) is popular for use in gardens to control insects in a chemical free way.Diatomite stimulates healthy growth of plant root systems. It conditions the soil by making silica available to plants and by helping the soil to retain moisture. It retains water in potting mixes and is used as a grass underlay.It has a growing use in agriculture. For a long time it has ..
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Brand: Diatomaceous Model: molodri
  Molodri is a blend of liquid molasses and diatomite (approx. 50% molasses by weight) carefully formulated in a special process which converts the molasses to a dry powder form for convenience. It is used as a feed attractant and appetite stimulant for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry.You will never want to use liquid molasses again.The diatomite used in the mix is f..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 200861
Spray booms need only the slightest traces of grain - spray chemicals (for example) to kill legume crops. Boom Kleen cleans and neutralises all internal pump, hose and boom surfaces. It in fact etches all internal surfaces back to bare metal etc. But even though it completely cleans out any spray residues, Boom Kleen is harmless to grasses and crops.Use it regularly, at the..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 200863
Horse bots are honey bee-sized flies that dart around and glue their tiny eggs or nits to body hairs of horses, donkeys and mules. The fast movements of these flies frighten animals. Horses also can injure themselves as they attempt to relieve the irritation from burrowing activities of newly hatched bots.Special shaped knife with serrated blade for removal of bot eggs..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 209742
Ample evidence is available of the benefits of letting stock scratch to shift insects and dead skin etc. (Lice usually live along the back of cattle and can actually be controlled by letting the cattle scratch adequately.) But of most interest to the farmer will be the ability of this system to apply oil with or without pesticide whilst brushing.The brushes have small spigot valves which relea..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 209900
This fly catching kit is ideal for large commercial installations such as piggeries, poultry houses, stables, etc, where the tape can be run out around a substantial area.It comes complete with a winding reel and frame assembly, hooks and pulleys as may be required and a full 400m roll of fly tape. By using the empty winding reel assembly the tape is wound in as required. When all is wou..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 209897
This fly catcher features a pheromone-like attractant along with 3D fly images to attract flies.Supplied with a simple wire hanger, the roll is pulled out as required then cut off and discarded when full or dried out...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202920
The Mini-kit includes all the componentry required to set up an automatic roll-out line, including mounting brackets and screws, full and empty reels, and full instructions for use. Mini-kit has 24m of 4.5mm wide sticky tape. The refill has another full 24m roll. Simply use the previous now-empty roll as the new wind-in roll, to have a continuous system...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202921
Refill only for the Sticky Roll Mini-kit. The refill is a full 24m roll of sticky tape...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 202922
Now this one is a real gem! Just like the old-days of fly catchers. Pull the tab on one of the rolls, and out comes a plastic-topped thumb tack, and 65cm of 4cm wide very sticky ribbon. Pull gently to prevent tearing. Tack the end up and let the tape hang free. Dump when populated or getting dry...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: A3161
A safe combination of food materials which contain no poisons or harmful chemicals • Economical and easy to use • Place the bait in the fly trap and add water to activate (Note: bait will some take time to work) • Fly bait is expected to last at least two weeks (depending on conditions) • Check the fly bait regularly and do not allow to dry out • Discard dead flies regularly as required (reco..
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