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Poultry Drinker / Water Feeder Crown Easy-fill 25 litres

Poultry Drinker / Water Feeder Crown Easy-fill 25 litres

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Crown Easy-fill Poultry Drinker 25 litres

This HUGE 25 litre poultry drinker is extremely large and heavy duty. The base secures firmly to the water container. It can be carried or suspended by the strong wire handle. The big feature is that it can be filled in-place without having to disassemble. To do this you will firstly have to close the two small water outlet valves at the base. The lid can then be unscrewed and the water container filled with a bucket or hose. The cap is then screwed firmly back on and the valves opened again. The drinker is then back in operation. Dimensions: diameter 41cm height 40cm. Instructions included.


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