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Poultry/ Small Bird / Chick Feeder Crown Flip Top

Poultry/ Small Bird / Chick Feeder Crown Flip Top

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This light weight feeder is designed for use with small chicks, but could also be used to feed grain to larger birds (you would probably need to anchor to the ground somehow though).  The plastic top is hinged on one side for easy filling and clips down closed.  Saves lots of mess and waste from chickens flicking seed everywhere.

Available in 3 versions:

33 cm long with 18 feeding holes. As it is designed for use for chicks, if you were using it for larger birds, it would realistically only suit 3 - 4 birds.

50cm long with 28 feeding holes

68cm long with 24 feeding holes.  These holes are higher and wider than in the 2 smaller versions.

Some people also use these as feeders for wild birds.


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