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Solar Netting Electric Fence Kit with Solar Energiser Goats / Sheep/ Calves FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

Solar Netting Electric Fence Kit with Solar Energiser Goats / Sheep/ Calves  FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)

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Electric Sheep, Goat, Horse, Chicken Netting With Solar Charger


The complete electric netting kit: perfect for hobby farms to contain goats, sheep, poddy calves, alpacas, etc and keep out wild dogs and foxes.
Netting has 10 horizontal wires, height 108 cm.  Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires, bottom wire is not electrified, nets can be joined together, UV stabilised plastic.

Kit includes 50 metres of sheep/goat netting with 14 tread in posts with double prong feet;
2.5km solar energiser with inbuilt battery;
1000mm galvanised earth stake;
Electric fencing warning sign

Note that extra lengths of netting can be joined together: the energiser in this kit is only recommended for up to 2 lengths joined together.
For 3 lengths, the recommendation is at minimum a 10km energiser, for 8 lengths a 25km energiser.  A significant amount of voltage is lost when lengths are joined and hence the recommendation of a stronger energiser to ensure adequate power through the entire length of netting.
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