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Super Earth Kit Bentonite for Electric Fence Thunderbird

Super Earth Kit Bentonite for Electric Fence Thunderbird

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Super Earth Kit Bentonite Thunderbird

Most problems with electric fences occur when there is an inadequate earth.  In areas of very dry soil a bentonite earth kit provides a more reliable earth for electric fences.

Kit Contents
1 Stainless steel rod
1 Stainless steel earth clamp
4kg (approx) bentonite
2kg (approx) salt
Installation Instructions
1. Auger a hole 1 metre deep and 100mm (4") in diameter in moist area
2. Place stainless steel rod in center of hole and drive 50mm into ground
3. Mix bentonite and salt and pour mixture into hole around rod
4. Top up hole with coarse sand or gravel. Water well
5. Connect s/steel rod to energiser and test earth. If inadequate install another earth kit 10 metres away.
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