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The Ultimate Food Saving Survival Kit: Everything you need to preserve food to thrive and survive!

The Ultimate Food Saving Survival Kit: Everything you need to preserve food to thrive and survive!
DimensionsCapacity - 23 Quarts (Liquid)

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This is the ultimate food preserving kit!  Everything you need to freeze, can, ferment, pressure can, dehydrate, vacuum seal or pickle foods to survive. 
This kit will allow you to prepare an emergency food supply which won't even need electricity to stay fresh and edible for months, if not years!

Here's what the kit includes:

Pressure canner/ cooker:  The Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner with Gauge, Weights and Instuctions.  Use this unit to preserve meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, soup, gravies and more.  Pressure canned food does not need to be stored in the fridge unless opened!  Also can be used as a large pressure cooker. More info here

Water bath preserving unit:  The Ozfarmer Stainless Steel 30 litre Preserving Unit.   Use this unit to preserve fruits including tomatoes, be it as whole fruit, fruit pieces, sauces, salsas, chutneys or jams. More info here

Dehydrator:  The Ezidri Snackmaker Dehydrator allows you to dry herbs, fruit, spices and vegetables.  Dried food doesn't need to be stored in a fridge or freezer and can be eaten as is or reconstituted by adding water.  More info here

Vacuum Sealer:  The Ezivac vacuum sealer is perfect for vacuum sealing dehydrated food as well as fresh produce.  More info here
Vacuum Sealer Bags: 1 pack of 20cm x 6m vacuum sealer rolls which allows you to make up bags to the sizes you like.  More info here 
Jar Sealers: 1 Regular Mouth and 1 Wide Mouth Jar Sealer fitting with accessory hose which can be attached to your vacuum sealer to vacuum seal dry foods such as nuts, cereals, grains and other pantry goods in jars fitted with 2 piece lids (such as those supplied in this kit).  More info here

Fermenting Kit:  The Ozi Complete Fermenting and Pickling Kit includes ingredients and instructions to prepare a range of pickled and fermented foods.  More info here

Preserving Jars:  The kit includes 6 wide mouth quarts (approx 1 litre), 6 regular mouth pints (approx 500ml) and 6 wide mouth half gallon jars (approximately 2 litres).  The half gallon jars can also be used to store fresh potable water.  The jars come complete with 2 piece preserving lids, comprising a flat lid and screw band. 

Food Preserving Reference Book:  The ultimate guide which includes tips and techniques to cover a range of different preserving techniques  More info here

Combined value of over $1,250!

Please note that the kit comes as described and substitutions or subtractions cannot be made.  Additional items should be purchased separately.

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