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TNN Complex Lick Block 18kg Chelated Minerals

TNN Complex Lick Block 18kg Chelated Minerals

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TNN Complex Lick Block overcomes the challenges of oral administration or water medication where this is not available. Sheep and cattle will consume the product as required and consumption is self regulating according to individual need. It has been developed to assist your livestocks mineral intake especially during drought conditions.
TNN Complex Lick Block is a combination of essential micro nutrients and macro elements that are needed for maximum digestive function and to maintain a strong immune function, and are blended together in a chelated and lignosulphonated form with salt and a small amount of molasses to maximize uptake and regulate consumption.

The consumption of blocks will vary depending on the animal’s immediate requirement, and good reserves of all elements will remain in the animal for extended periods of time.
Continued use of TNN Complex Lick Block will help keep a shine on coats and reduce the incidence of worm and fluke infestation, and will generally aid in the health of all ruminants.
This macro and micro nutrient is chelated (protected from becoming unavailable) in naturally occurring lignin compounds, for maximum rumen absorption and retention by your stock.
TNN Complex Lick Block may be used as an Ad-Lib mineral supplement for all classes of livestock.

TNN Complex Lick Block addresses the need for a complete compliment of trace elements in chelated form to help overcome the deficiency experienced in livestock.
Animals need a balanced ration of minerals both macro and micro nutrients to be able to function at their optimal levels. TNN Complex Lick Block helps to maintain and correct these imbalances when present.
TNN Complex Lick Block is designed to help maximise the digestive function of ruminants allowing the maximum utilisation of fodder intake, while maintaining or increasing weight and production.
TNN Complex Lick Block is unique in that it contains Phosphorous, Calcium and Magnesium as well as crude protein equivalent plus reducing sugars.

These lick blocks are more expensive than standard lick blocks due to the use of chelated minerals. Livestock absorb, digest and use mineral chelates better than inorganic minerals. This means that lower concentrations can be used in animal feeds. In addition, animals fed chelated sources of essential trace minerals excrete lower amounts in their faeces, and so there is less environmental contamination. Mineral chelates also offers health and welfare benefits in animal nutrition:

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of Chelated trace minerals include;
Cattle, Sheep and Goat:
  • Improved performance, reproductive efficiency, hoof health and milk production with lower somatic cell counts (an indicator of the quality of milk)
  • Improved sow productivity, growth rates and feed efficiency with reduced mortality. 
  • Improved hoof growth and integrity and skeletal development, better reproductive efficiency and enhanced immune function. 

TNN Complex Lick Block contains Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Selenium, Sulphur, Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Crude Protein Equivalent, Reducing Sugars, Vitamin ADE, Salt and Molasses.

Additional Information:
TNN Complex Lick Block comes in a convenient 18 kg block
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