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Top Doc Skin Stapler Tool For Emergency Use Hunting / Droving

Top Doc Skin Stapler Tool For Emergency Use Hunting / Droving

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Top Doc Skin Stapler 

The Skin Stapler should be considered as a vital item in a hunter’s dog first aid kit.
The most common application in gun dogs is closing long and deep wounds in the field from the dog getting snagged on barbed wire.
 It is also used on injuries to hog hunting dogs if they have been gored or injured.
The skin stapler is only to be used on fresh, bleeding wounds. 
It is highly recommended that a skin staple remover also be carried with this item in the case of incorrectly applied staples, which will allow them to be removed with minimal trauma to the animal.

You should take the dog to the vet once you are back to town. The staples may need to be replaced with sutures to avoid infection.
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