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Troy Vitamin C 100ml Injectable or Oral Use

Troy Vitamin C 100ml Injectable or Oral Use

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Troy Vitamin C for Animal Use

Helps increase animals’ power of recovery from extreme exertion, sickness or severe de-worming treatments. Most animals can make their own vitamin c but this ability is impeded by illness or stress.
Vitamin c can also be used to help counteract the toxic effects of paralysis tick and snake bite.  On the Ozfarmer farm, goats suffering from paralysis tick envenomation have been successfully saved through the use of mass doses of vitamin c.

Directions for use:

By IM or SC injection.  Can also be drawn out of the bottle by syringe and then administered orally by drench syringe (this is our preferred option as the vitamin c injection is painful for animals and should only be used in extreme emergencies)

Dogs: 0.25 - 1mL
Horses: 5 - 10mL
Cattle / Sheep / Goats : 2 - 4mL

Repeat daily as indicated.


Injection 100mL.


Ascorbic acid as Sodium Ascorbate 500mg/mL.




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