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Springer-Magrath Calf Drencher / Stomach Feed Colostrum Electrolytes

Springer-Magrath Calf Drencher

A calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including electrolytes and colostrum.

The Springer-Magrath drencher has a 45cm flexible long probe and a flexible collapsible bottle helping ensure that all the liquid is delivered.

The drencher also comes with a teat and cap assembly so that the bottle can also be used to bottle feed animals.  

The capacity is 2 litres which makes it ideal for drenching calves. Instructions included.

The usual vet recommendation is to administer approximately 2 litres of high quality blood temperature colostrum driectly into the calf's stomach soon after birth.   This ensures that the calf receives enough of this important foodstuff to gain the immunities the colostrum imparts.

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