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We are able to order most common animal drenches and pour-ons.  Please note that due to relatively short expiry dates on such products we do not hold all products at all times.  Please check with us if you require a particular product urgently: in most cases we can order in products within 3 days.
1 Litre bottle Jurox Q-Drench all round drench for sheep and goats
-60 %
Model: 4600
Are worms affecting your sheep or goat herd?  Worms can wreak havoc on herds if not controlled quickly: for small farmers it is easy to spot an animal suffering from worms.  With barbers pole worm, the animal will develop a swollen jaw (hence its popular name bottle jaw) and the animal may stand away from the herd.  Other worms may cause profuse scouring or make the animal go off it..
$50.00 $125.00
Ex Gst:$45.45
Eraquell Pellets Womers for Horses
-60 %
Model: 3913
For the treatment and control of common worms and bots in horses including large strongyles (bloodworms) (Strongylus spp., Triodontophorus spp.), small strongyles (redworms) (Cyathostomum spp.) Including benzimidazole (BZ) resistant strains, pinworms (Oxyuris equi), large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), hairworms (Trichostrongylus axei), intestinal threadworms (Strongyloides westeri), bots (Gaste..
$10.78 $26.95
Ex Gst:$9.80
Paraffin Oil Medical Grade
-60 %
Model: 211187
Paraffin oil has many animal and farm uses, but specially suitable for treatment of sand colic in horses. Also as a bloat remedy for cattle, goats and sheep. Available in 2 sizes...
$6.00 $14.95
Ex Gst:$5.45
Red Cell Supplement for Energy and Stamina
-60 %
Model: 20-00567
Red Cell Horse Supplement is a blood building supplement increases energy and stamina. Rich source of iron, vitamins and trace minerals. Yucca flavoured. Homogenized for maximum consistency. Give 1-2 oz daily with feed or orally.  Whilst indicated and tested for horses, it is also used on a variety of other animals with success (using necessary caution).  It is widely accepted as a useful treatme..
$10.40 $25.95
Ex Gst:$9.45
Sykes Big-L Wormer for Poultry and Pigs 500ml
-60 %
Model: 18649
A Levamisole Hydrochloride based wormer for poultry and pigs Sykes Big L Wormer for Poultry and Pigs may be either mixed with the feed or given as a drench. Pigs Drench- 5mL/10kg liveweight to a maximum of 70mL for pigs weighing 140kg and over. In Feed- Calculate accurately the weight of the pigs and measure out dose accurately. Dose at the rate of 5mL/10kg.  Hence pigs of 40kg will n..
$11.99 $29.95
Ex Gst:$10.90
WSD Closantel Sheep Drench 1L
-60 %
Model: 207299
 A sustained-action oral anthelmintic and flukacide for sheep and lambs. Controls barber´s pole worm, liver fluke and nasal bot. Dosage: Sheep and lambs dose at 1ml per 5kg body weight as an oral drench. Withholding Period: Do not administer less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption..
$44.00 $110.00
Ex Gst:$40.00
WSD Fenbendazole 100 Cattle Drench 5L
-60 %
Model: 207313
 A broad spectrum benzimidazole (white) oral drench/anthelmintic for cattle and horses. For the control of benzimidazole-sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms in cattle, including inhibited ostertagia, and large and small strongylus ascarids and pinworms in horses. Dosage: Cattle 3.7ml per 50kg body weight as a drench. Withholding Period: Do not administer less than 14 days before ..
$139.59 $349.00
Ex Gst:$126.90
WSD Flockmaster MK11 Sheep Dip 15kg
-60 %
Model: 207319
A non-stripping conventional sheep dip for use in either shower or plunge dips. Controls sheep lice, ked, itchmite, and mycotic dermatitis organism in the dip wash. The advantage of Flockmaster is that it does not leave any residues or contamination in wool, as pour-on products can do. Flockmaster is organic certified. Dosage: 1.25kg in 500 litres of water. A 15kg pail is sufficient to dip app..
$330.00 $825.00
Ex Gst:$300.00
WSD Flystrike Powder 2.5kg
-60 %
Model: 207320
To control flystrike and to use as a wound dressing on all animals. Particularly useful after marking, mulesing or dehorning. For general wounds clip the hair and dust lightly. Dosage: For strike, mulesing or dehorning, apply the powder in ample quantities to the affected area. Withholding Period: Do not use less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption. ..
$33.99 $85.00
Ex Gst:$30.90
WSD Levamisole Drench 1l
-60 %
Model: 207322
For the control of levamisole-sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms, and lungworms, including those which are resistant to benzimidazoles, in sheep and cattle. Dosage: Sheep approx 1ml per 4kg of body weight. Cattle 10ml per 45kg of body weight. Refer to product label for exact rates. Administer as an oral drench. Withholding Period: Do not apply less than 3 days before slaughter for human con..
$32.40 $80.95
Ex Gst:$29.45
WSD Spurt Lice Control 5L backpack
-60 %
Model: 207331
Pour-on lice control for off-shears treatment of sheep. Effective against pyrethroid-susceptible strains of Damilinia ovis. Contains Cypermethrin. Must be applied within 24 hours of shearing. Dosage: Approx 1ml or 5kg of body weight. Refer to label for exact rates. Withholding Period: Do not use less than 3 days before slaughter for human consumption.  ..
$87.18 $217.95
Ex Gst:$79.25
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